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Message from Head of the Addis Ababa City Government Culture and Tourism Bureau

Starting from the date of its establishment Addis Ababa city administration culture and Tourism Bureau has been doing a number of activities such as introducing the city’s natural and manmade tourist attraction and creating generations as its main goal. As a result it has scored a remarkable achievement .the bureau has been tirelessly working so as to make Addis one of the top five tourist center and preferable cities in the year2012EC. According to lonely planet’s report Addis is one of the top ten cities that should be visited by the year 2013.
As we all know Addis is not only the capital of Ethiopia but also the seat of many international organization and above all it is the head quarter of the African union. As a result many of the city do Wellers  Addis is considered ‘’ little  Ethiopia’’ science many people move towards it and live in.
The city colorfully celebrates the Ethiopian new year, Meskel (the finding of the true cross), epiphany, Eid al-Adha (Arefa), Eid al-Fitr (Ramadan),Christmas and Easter as religious Holidays.
Among these, The celebration of Meskel has been registers UNESCO as world’s heritage. This would increase the number tourists in the city.
The city administration is working harder than ever so as to change the image of the city.As a result we could see that 629,050 tourists have visited Addis and 663,767,875 us dollar has been earned in the year 2005 E.C .the main possible reasons for this achievement is
a.    There is high peace and security in the city.
b.    The hospitality of the city do Wellers.
c.    The availability of infrastructures mainly of
-    Electric and water supply
-    Telephone service
-    Quality high ways
-    Standard Hotels and services
d.    The attention of the city’s administration towards image building .The Bureau has prepared
-    Tourist Guide book
-    Tourist Guide maps of the city and its heritages
-    Documentary films in 4 language (Amharic, English, French, Spanish),distributed 5000 copies.
On the other hand the sectors has created job opportunities for 23,179 male and 30,693 Female and total of 53,869 citizens in the year 2005E>C. This indicates that the sectors have become sources of big economy.
However, among 53,869 opportunities 44,889 of them haven’t got any sort of training related to the sector .this shows us that there are many assignments to be done.
Therefore, the bureau has given job specific training for 6,113 trainees in the years 2004E.C and 2005 E.C and spent 12 million Birr for the trainings.
Even if we have 10 cultural and Historical heritages registered by UNESCO as world heritages, we couldn’t make them generate in come as much as possible. Hence ,we are expected to promote these heritages and attract tourists in order to increase the income generated from the sector.
Moreover, I would like to forward my messages to the society to protect and taking care of these cultural and historical heritages of the city.


+++ make Addis Ababa one of
five Africa's preferable
tourist destination by developing +++
tourist attractions.

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